Green is the new Black!

Oooh yes, it is! And, it better be!

How many of us are planning our monsoon getaway on a beautiful trek?

Do the mountains draw you to them, or are you a forest person?

Don’t we all love amazing afternoons by the sea, with chirping birds in the background?

Isn’t the thought of a vacation at countryside enticing?

You know what, we may not leave these options for our kids!  They will never know, if we continue to consume our planet the way we are, the joy of swimming in the sea, the bliss of taking in fresh air after a few hours of scaling the magnificent mountain, the beauty that our plant kingdom is!  Or have we become so inanimate that we will be able to comprehend this situation only with the thought of it not being left for “us”?

Do we even realize the irony in the statement – what are you doing on this World Environment Day?! Doing? Really? We have to stop doing what we are doing, and undo a lot of things actually! It’s a pity that we need a day for something so natural! We have collectively managed to raid our planet forever, and ridicule it further by putting its natural state on pedestal, and celebrating so unnaturally!

We can show our respect to our environment, our gratitude to our mother, our indebtedness to this being, only by changing our attitude, our lifestyle, habits, conduct. Nothing around will change, till we don’t change from within.

We wish, on this World Environment Day, that we never have to celebrate it again, and everyday is a celebration of nature! We, at U+ Collective, believe that there is no future without a healthy nature.