“What do you want to do in life?” – This is one question that is an integral part of our growing up years. And this question is never so relevant as it is in mid-twenties!
Some choose to delay answering it by choosing not to leave the university until miraculously they know one day! Some know it since they were in their mother’s womb and are already on their way. Some are grilling themselves in a job that they detest, trying to look for that ray of hope guiding them out of their sticky situation. Meanwhile, we architects are still drafting through our final submission in college. And our friends are pursuing MBA. Yeah that’s right. And we all know when they are done with completely boring us with their unending surveys through college, all they talk about are ideas! A new venture, a new business. A start-up.
And when you have a few passionate MBA’s around they are quite contagious. So that led us thinking about what could be a start-up in architecture!
U+ Collective is an answer just to that. 

U+ is a collective initiated by Kshitij Shah and Ojashree Sarda with the purpose of bringing about Urban change. With India about to witness unprecedented urbanisation, we have taken this initiative to concentrate on providing their services to upgrading the quality of life in the tier 2 and 3 towns and cities of India.

With our diverse professional experiences and our passion for quality urban spaces we aim to provide strategic urban interventions that can help in urban transformation.

Through the medium of CSR, we aim to transform industrial hinterlands and help in the provision of basic infrastructural, environmental and public amenities.

Being a young start-up, with the guidance of various professionals in the industry we believe we offer the right combination of innovation, energy and experience to see through such initiatives.